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Some client testimonials

Our family over 17 years have acquired five vehicles via Ian Crammond of Auto Search.

We have found him indispensible  in finding the right vehicle for our needs. He listens to our requirements and his 30 years experience and knowledge of the industry results in a good outcome for us. He is able to negotiate a favourable price at auctions or dealers thus saving us a lot of time and hassle searching.

He is such an honest and guiding person it is a pleasure to know and deal with him. His excellent customer service skills start from the time he picks up the phone until he delivers the vehicle – he even spent time explaining the different controls in the vehicle when he delivered it.

I would heartily recommend Ian to others.


Wiley Park,

Dear Ian,
I wish to say thank you for the fantastic service you provided us yet again.  After the purchase of our new Lancer 2 years ago for my wife, which was smooth, effortless and timely, we again entrusted you to find me a new Mazda.

As per our first purchase, your service was again professional and trouble free.  With the cars both being delivered to our door, your service and dedication to your clients is a refreshing change in this day and age, absolutely spot-on.

Contacting and using your service is so simple and easy, I am surprised you are not run off your feet!  I will recommend your service to friends and business colleagues for their next car purchases.

Keep up the great work Ian.


Best Regards,

Mal & Ginny



Having bought a car off Ian about 13 years ago, before the Internet, I can still recommend Autosearch as the easiest way to buy a car.  We basically told Ian the kind of car we wanted and he went looking for it, then he drove it out to both my work and my husband’s work at a time that suited us so we could inspect it. Although the first car was within our price range and the model and make of car we asked for, we decided after seeing it that we would rather try another model and make.

After discussion with Ian we worked out what sort of car would suit our lifestyle and then we set him a very difficult task of only finding one type of car and colour! This was nearly impossible as they don’t make these cars any more but he didn't give up, eventually he found us a really good one in Newcastle and he drove to Newcastle to get it for us. Along the way he kept us informed of his progress.

So if you don't want to, or if you don't have the time to spend all weekend looking at car yards or all week checking the Internet then all weekend driving all around Sydney to inspect cars then I would recommend Autosearch. As a licensed dealer Ian also carried out all the proper checks to make sure the car was not stolen, written off etc. as part of his service and he will only look at cars that have a good log book history and that are asking a reasonable price for the condition, kms, year model and make etc.


Kathi & Mark


A note of thanks for all the work & assistance not only in the purchase of our new vehicle but also in the sale of our old vehicle.

From the receipt of our original enquiry to its finalisation we can honestly say that your level of customer service & attention to our requirements was something that we will not forget  (only wish that most of the people we deal with could learn from the level of customer service you provide). The price you obtained for us was the best by a long way & your negotiations with the vehicle provider meant that the whole process was absolutely painless. The purchase of the vehicle was a big one for us & without your assistance could have been quite stressful.

Your assistance in the sale of our existing vehicle was the icing on the proverbial cake. It was not expected but as in everything you did on our behalf it was brilliant & we really appreciate the extra amount of your time it took to reach a successful outcome.

This was the second vehicle you have organised for us & the level of attention & care for our requirements maintained, even surpassed, the very high standards you set the first time. Ian, there are many businesses out there who could do with spending some time with you to learn what customer service really means.

As I passed on you personally, we have no hesitation in recommending AUTOSEARCH to anyone we know who is considering the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

Again, thanks for everything it is very much appreciated -  we wish you continued & increasing success.




Geoff & Judy O



I have been a member of the SGE Credit Union for the past 15 years. During this time I have always experienced excellent service from all staff at the Newcastle branch of the Credit Union. Staff have always been helpful, obliging and above all, happy to be of assistance. You never feel like an account number at the Credit Union, you are made to feel like part of a family.

Annie after her happy purchase

This was more than evident recently when I approached the Credit Union to apply for a loan to purchase a new car. The speed with which the loan was approved and the information passed on was only a couple of days. Ms Trish Winn from the Newcastle Branch not only rang to advise me of my successful application but also recommended a free service available to Credit Union members called Autosearch.

I contacted Mr Ian Crammond from Autosearch on a Tuesday afternoon to talk to him about the service he provided. Ian emailed me some photos of a Toyota Yaris on Tuesday afternoon and I was very impressed. Ian has been around the motor vehicle industry for about 30 years. This service will source a car for you without you having to leave your office.

Ian has been around the motor vehicle industry for about 30 years and is exceptionally experienced sourcing what he thinks would be your ideal car.

Ian went to look at the car at a dealer auction and rang to advise me that he thought this was a great deal. Ian was my eyes and ears in this situation and I felt very comfortable dealing with him. I agreed to buy the car and Ian set the wheels in motion.

Not only did he undertake completion of all paperwork but Ian drove my new car from Sydney to Newcastle three days after talking to him about the prospect of buying a new car.

What a wonderful service for people who work full time and do not want the hassle of visiting car yards and dealing with salesmen, especially when you do not actually know what you’re looking for.

I would like to thank the Credit Union, and especially Trish, for making me aware of this fabulous service. I would also like to thank Ian Crammond, who has gone above and beyond any expectation I may have had and making the end result favourable to all concerned.


Annie S (SGE Newcastle Member)

I am writing to you in relation to a motor vehicle that was recently purchased with the help of Ian Crammond from Auto Search Ptv Ltd

We had been looking for a car for my daughter to replace her first car, and after looking at those on display at various local car dealerships without a lot of luck decided to contact Ian Crammond to see if he could help us out.

Ian gave me an escorted tour of the auction rooms where ex Government cars are sold and went through all of the pro's and con's about which would be most suitable for my daughters needs.

Once we had established what would be best for her, Ian went to the auction on our behalf on 12th August but was unsuccessful in a purchase within our budget range.

We again visited the auction area on 16th August and selected quite a few low km vehicles that would be suitable and then left it to Ian who again attended tho auction on our behalf.

I am pleased to report that at the next auction he bid and won on a 2005 Toyota Corolla that was in very good condition and within our price range.

My daughter was absolutely ecstatic when she saw her new car!

We had saved in the vicinity of $3000 or more from what was on offer at local dealerships and not only that, we had been offered about $200 as a trade in her old vehicle which we managed to sell privately within one day for $1000!

Thank you very much Encompass Credit Union for having people like Ian Crammond to assist our members.  I would recommend Ian to any member who is considering purchasing a vehicle as his service and help is first class.

Ian (Encompass Credit Union)



We do not know a great deal about cars. Dealing with Autosearch certainly took much of the pain and worry out of purchasing a used car. The advice received was very much appreciated, and we were taken though the process step by step, and a great deal of care was taken.

The advice we received was unbiased and reassuring, and totally trustworthy.   As a credit union member, the service was also totally free! I would still recommend this service even to non-credit union members, as it is a comprehensive and very friendly service. There was never a time I felt I wasn't asking too many questions, and I felt under no pressure at all.

We ended up with exactly the car we wanted, because of the comprehensive knowledge of dealerships right across the Sydney region. I am very grateful for having been able to use this service, and to have had the pleasure of dealing with the Auto Search personnel.

Special thanks to Ian Crammond for his persistence and support.

Shaun and Sharon
(SGE Credit Union Members)



I recently used the services of Auto Search to find and purchase a car, having heard about them through the credit union. I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the service I received and with the outcome.

Ian from Auto Search found me a car within a couple of weeks of being contacted and I am very pleased with the car I purchased as a result. I would recommend the services of Auto Search to anyone looking for a car.

(SCU Credit Union Member)